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In General-

All lessons are customized to the individual with a general focus on establishing the rider/horse bond, developing centered riding skills, care of the horse, and following good safe horsemanship standards.


First lesson-

The first lesson is best as a private lesson or one on one (although others are welcome to be there). This allows us to focus on the individual rider and to give him or her the best initial experience as possible. Just as importantly, it allows us to learn about the rider, assist him or her with their goals, and focus on applications that make a difference. Many lesson facilities put people on a horse and don't provide as much instruction as they do general riding time. I'm a bit different because I'm right there with you "riding from the ground," for lack of a better term.


Type of Lessons-

We provide lessons in a variety of disciplines including:

English Equitation
Hunt Seat
Basic Jumping
Western- General western riding
Limited Gaming- Barrel racing, pole bending, dollar bareback, trail class practice- (dependent upon space)

2017 Rates:
$35 for Semi-Private lessons (this means that other riders may
be joining in your lesson).

$45 for Private lessons (unless there is an extreme situation or specific teaching application, other students will not be joining your lesson session).

*Children under 5 take private lessons due to the need for instructor's focus on the child. Depending on balance and experience, there will also be an assistant required for additional safety.

*The current special rate is *purchase 5 lessons get your 6th free*

The Length of Lessons-

Adult sessions usually run about an hour. Children’s sessions are 45 minutes, but dependent on age and focus. The first session can run a bit over if there is no one waiting and positive progress is being made. This is allowed due to initial time signing paperwork, learning proper grooming techniques, etc... :)


Class Times-

Classes are given Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays (after school and during the summer break) and on weekends between 10:00a.m. and 7:00pm

Original appointments are made individually.

After the first lesson, it is requested to schedule for regular permanent time(s) for each week on the same day(s)..


What to Wear-

For any type of riding (English, Western, etc.), we request the rider wear:

* Long pants (like jeans or breeches)

* Have some type of shoe or boot that covers the ankle with a heel (to keep the foot from going through the stirrups)

* A helmet, which is the most important gear (especially if a minor). We have helmets available at the barn to borrow. Adults are not required to wear a helmet if they sign a waiver. Children under 18 are required to wear a helmet at all times when riding a horse.

*Other items, such as riding gloves, sports bra, sunscreen, or jacket (appropriate to the time of year) are up to the individual rider.